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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 30, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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the similarities between these incidence. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning. thank you for waking up with us this thursday september 30th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here's steve. >> fog is definitely moving in. i can feel it this morning. little cooler. the city came down from 92 to 73. upper 50s, 60s, 70s by the coast. low clouds have lifted. that marine base cooler around the bay. inland warm to hot but not as hot the past couple days with upper 80s and 90s. and even more clouds. here's sal. steve, traffic is doing well. there is heavy fog. you can't be this picture. it's going to be pretty thick fog on the east shore freeway. and this is a look at the north
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bay. this is southbound 101 traffic looks good. remember, there is an accident on 37 at 29. we'll tell olympic more about that and the rest of the commute in just moments. now let's go to dave and pam. thank you, sal. time now 5:00. part of a neighborhood blocked off right now because of a house fire. the home is on president drive. ktvu is there right now. we've talked to the victim and fire chief. craig, you say this fire may have been prevented? >> reporter: that's right. preliminary investigation indicates it was preventable. this location is right above where 580 splits with 237. so if you've ever been out re and look up on the hill this is where the fire was. they say they got the call around 3:00 a.m. this morning. when they did the call came in from somebody on another street. so the fire department was headed there first. but they said the flames were so great that they simply followed the flames into the fire. when they got here i talked with a couple fire members and
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they said the fire was going pretty good at that time. they were able to get in and make a difference. one of the women who lives in a fourplex where the fire started says she was sound asleep when she got a knock on her door. >> someone from down the hill saw the fire and they drove up, called 911 and drove up because they didn't know what street they were but saw the house with flames and rang down the door. she kind of pulled me out and said this house is on fire. >> this house hangs over the hill. so there are three floor that is go down. the fire appears to have started on the deck of the first floor. burnt almost consumed the deck itself. material to the ground below ignited bushes and debris down there and started burning from the bottom back up. >> reporter: all four units occupied. nobody was hurt. quite alarming to be woken from a sound sleep. a couple people we saw just had blankets wrapped around them.
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they got everything out they wanted to. people and pets as well. speaking to chief he tells me preliminary investigation indicates that a woman in one of the apartments was smoking and perhaps did not put the cigarette out. and they believe that's what started this fire this morning. ktvu channel 2 news. san jose police need your help identifying a suspect who robbed two women at knife point at an inside atm. these photos are from the chase bank on east capitol expressway. in both robberies police say the suspect put the victims in a choke hold then demanded cash. one robbery was on september 2nd around 12:30 a.m. the other on august 28th about 6:30 a.m. a fifth person has now been charged with posing as a victim of a san bruno pipeline explosion to get illegal access to money and disaster aid. investigators say 41-year-old
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daniel falsely claimed he was a disaster victim to get free gift cards and hotel accommodations. he entered a not guilty plea on tuesday. four other people have also been charged with impersonating victims of that september 9th disaster. a mother is in jail this morning accused of having sex with a minor. the 47-year-old made headlines three years ago in a highly publicized accident. police say a drunk driver almost killed her after run intoog her while she was unloading her son's bike from her car. the mother of four now faces three counts of having sex with a minor after surrendering to authorities yesterday. detectives say evidence in the case was found in her computer and in her phone records. fisher price is recalling more than 10 million toys, tricycles and highchairs. in the strikes children were hurt by a protruding plastic ignition key near the seat. the company is also recalling more than one million healthy
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care easy clean and close to me highchairs after children fell on pegs on the back. 100,000 little people wheellies ramp way toys are being recalled for a potential choking hazard. and several varieties of balls are being recalled because the valves can come off also creating a choking hazard. we have posted more details about the recalls on our website. just go to time now 5:04. two dogs that attacked a san jose mailman may be put down and their owner may be cited. neighbors heard screams yesterday morning and they called 911. investigators say a german shepherd and a pit bull mix crashed through a fence and attacked that mailman. neighbors say he suffered bite wounds on his arms, leg and foot. >> all over the place. he was going into shock. he was sweating and shaking and he was scared. >> officials say that pit bull mix had caused trouble back in
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2006. the owner had agreed to keep that dog confined. the animals will remain impounded until an investigation is completed. the chp is looking for witnesses to a horrible highway crash in marin unty. it happened last night on southbound highway 101 near the border of marin city. investigators say a woman was driving an suv when it somehow flipped over on the freeway. she was thrown from her vehicle and may have been run over by a passing car. the unidentified woman was pronounced dead at the scene. a car crash is soon going to cost you a lot more in san francisco. a controversial fee targeting drivers who cause traffic accidents will take effect in just about two weeks. drivers would be required to pay the city as much as $500 to clean up the crash scene. san francisco would be the first major california city to require this car crash fee. we want to update you on some breaking news out of
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vallejo where the chp is on the scene of several accidents. ktvu's claudine wong is there now on the scene this morning. claudine, what can you tell us? >> reporter: pam, it's a pretty incredible scene here on highway 37 at 29. let me show you the problem out here. take a look at all this cable that's in front of the road. this is very heavy metal cable that spilled out on to the roadway a little over an hour and a half ago. we're not sure what happened except we know this truck who was carrying all this cable on a trailer actually spilled the load onto this highway. and then cars coming behind it actually hit it. we talked to a driver who actually said he was coming out of the darkness all of a sudden he sees the cable, hits it, it busts open. [ indiscernible ] [ audio problems ] this gentleman actually walking by flipped over. fortunately he was okay. at least five accidents have come as a result of this crash. right now what they're trying to do is clean it up. it's so heavy however you can see them trying to cut it.
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they have to cut it before they can pull it off the roadway. so that is taking some time. firefighters are out here, chp is out here. again, the number of accidents that happened as a result of this cable spilling onto this highway continues to grow as people contact chp and said i hit this as well. so this is still a developing situation out here. we're still trying to talk to the people involved in this crash because again there are several of them who are out here. but chp says what is really incredible is that no one was seriously hurt. even the gentleman who flipped over after he hit this is okay and walking around this accident scene. we haven't been able to talk to him yet. we're going to try to do that now. scary moments for drivers this morning. the clean up continues. all lanes are blocked. they're pulling people off 37 at fairgrounds and taking them around this accident area. sal of course watching the roads. alternates for you this morning as far as how to get around
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this. >> claudine, let me put this on a map. westbound -- mostly westbound 37 approaching sonoma boulevard this accident as you approach sonoma boulevard right about there. you're going to have to go as she told you using a detour the police have posted in the area. fortunately it's very light in the area right now. so it's not causing a huge traffic jam. but of course unless this gets out of there soon we're going to have some problems in that area. of course we'll continue to watch it. continuing to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's light here westbound so far no problems getting into san francisco. this morning in san jose northbound 280 traffic good up to highway 17. one thing you may have to deal with on your commute this morning we haven't seen for a while is a little bit of fog in some areas. to explain, here's steve. all right. sal, you are correct, sir. the fog was very shallow yesterday. good morning everyone. it was way down here. way down here. now it's lifted a little bit. still pockets where it's pretty
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thick. on their way again coming up from southern california. a weak low and a few lightning strikes in southern california. so this should mainly be san way keen valley. travis southwest at 22 an hour ago now southwest at 17. but the mere fact it's southwest tells us that the sea breeze is waking up. fog returns. by that i mean higher clouds more so to the south bay than north bay. yesterday everybody did what we thought except out there in concord and walnut creek. they were still hot. everyone else came right down. today everyone will come down. 53 in the city. 53 santa rosa napa. san jose the warmest. livermore concord at 63. 81 palm springs under mostly cloudy skies. same for low clouds coming up 50, 60s, 70s from sacramento. the key is that the high is moving and we're getting more
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of the on shore push and that means the fog is lifting each day and will continue to do so. areas of low fog out there. higher clouds mainly toward the south bay but cooler for all today. 50s to 90s. morgan hill 89 and cooler up towards napa, santa rosa, upper 80s and low 90s. the fog really starts to come back in. five-day forecast has fog conditions. definite cool down. significant one as we head towards the weekend. time now 5:11. california officially canceled tonight's execution at san quentin. convicted killer albert greenwood brown was scheduled to die at 9:00 p.m. tonight. but yesterday the state decided that a flurry of court challenges made it impossible to carry out his death sentence before tomorrow. that's when california legally runs out of its supply of lethal drugs. the decision gives brown and
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other condemned inmates a reprieve until at least next year. that's when california will have a new governor and new attorney general. governor schwarzenegger and legislative leaders may resume budget negotiations today. they haven't met for the last two days after earlier saying they had agreed on a budget framework and only needed to hammer out details. the sticking point appears to be pension reform. today the state budget is a record 92 days late. the state controller says he'll decide next week if he'll have to begin issuing ious. scandal for the u.s. military that could be as big as abuy gracious. the chilling story some u.s. soldiers are telling of their actions in afghanistan. and usually about the hottest toys for the holidays, but this year what's not going to be on store shelves. that's making a big impression. and coming up i'll show you why members of congress are racing to get out of d.c. and back home today. and the unfinished business
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they're leaving behind. good morning. traffic is moving well on the receive knoll grade. we'll tell you more about the morning commute coming up.
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welcome back to the morning news. it's now 5:15. on capitol hill lawmakers are heading home to campaign for re- election without acting on several pieces of key
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legislation. we're live in the washington d.c. newsroom with more on what they didn't get done before leaving town. allison. >> reporter: good morning, pam. california democrats barbara boxer, jerry, dennis, among those in some pretty tight races. probably likely very anxious to get out of d.c. and back on the campaign trail. they're trying to keep their seats and keep control of congress. but republicans are taking some parting shots blasting democrats for not scheduling a vote to extend the bush era tax cuts. that's not the only unfinished business. there's no budget to fund the government including the wars in iraq and afghanistan. none of those promised food safety improvements. and no vote on healthier school lunch standards. political analyst gonzalez explains why there is a race out of the capitol. >> you have dozens and dozens of democratic members that are in very difficult re-elections. so they think there's more good
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they can do at home on the campaign trail than rather passing another piece of legislation here in washington. >> reporter: now lawmakers did approve what's called a continuing resolution. basically a temporary budget to keep the government running until they can come back for a lame duck session after the elections. reporting live from washington d.c., allin burns, ktvu channel 2 news. an army war crimes investigation has uncovered allegations that a group of u.s. soldiers in afghanistan killed up to four afghan civilians for sport. the army has released video of some of the interviews with the soldiers involved in the incident. the army says the ring leader appears to be a staff sergeant who one soldier says just liked to kill things. the army is scrambling to locate dozens of photographs the soldiers reportedly took posing along side the corpses of their victims. there are concerns that the photos if released could cause the same kind of uproar as the
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an buy ghraib prison scandal in iraq. the ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional now says he's stepping down from the bench. judge walker has been on the federal district court for 20 years. he became chief judge of the federal district court in northern california in 2004. judge walker will be replaced as chief judge by district judge james weir. walker plans to return to private legal practice. following the latest explosive situations in the california governor's race. meg whitman held a news conference yesterday along with high profile attorney gloria am red. nick coy says whitman fired her last july when she asked for an immigration attorney. she was in the country for five
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years. >> said, meg, please, can you help me? she was very upset and said no. and you don't know me. and i have never seen you. and you have never seen me. she yelled, understand me? >> she says she knew her housekeeper was in the u.s. illegally. whitman says she has no idea. >> she represented herself with documents as legal to work in this country. we have no reason to suspect otherwise. none at all. and we were shocked when she came to us in june of 2009 and said i'm not here legally. you could hit me over with a feather. >> whitman says she hired her through an employment agency. she released copies of the documents indicating she was in the u.s. legally. we have posted extended excerpts from those interviews on our website at
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you will find those and all latest political news under the election 2010 tab. all right. time now 5:19. we've got a major commute mess this morning in vallejo. >> we do. we have 37 westbound approaching sonoma boulevard blocked because of some cable that fell out on the roadway. pretty heavy cable. these are live pictures of the freeway. chp's issued an alert for highway 37. it's completely blocked with this cable that was in the roadway. looks like we just temporarily -- there we are. there's the cable right there. the cable had to be cut. it's very heavy. several vehicles were damaged when they ran into this cable in the dark. now they do have the freeway closed. they are going to have to get it out of there before they open it. they have a detour set up on 37 near 29. let's move along and take a look at westbound highway 4. that traffic is going to be busy coming up to the willow pass grade but no stop and go just yet. and in the southbound 280
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traffic moves well approaching highway 17. thank you very much. good morning everyone. the e-mails coming in, tweets saying we like the warm weather. but where's the cooler weather? it's coming back. fog very shallow yesterday. there's some thick fog out there this morning. including napa airport. when it starts to make its way up that way it's working its way inland. still mostly clear and mostly sunny in the morning. by the afternoon low and high clouds. it will be warm to hot inland but not as hot as the past couple days. these higher clouds are coming up from southern california. i'll show them to you in just a second. i thought that was going to stick. if your garage door won't open that was me right there. i'm responsible. coming up from the south we had a little band go by and like that it was gone. some on the way now. mainly san way keen valley. it's west at sfo. it's only nine but travis is
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now southwest 17. those two components were gone for the last three or four days. it is a sign of things to come. you can see leading edge of the clouds moving in closer. late this afternoon we'll start to see those move into the picture. fog returns. fair warm to hot. some of you i know over 57 is too hot. i understand. thick fog coast and bay not inland can't make it that far yet. san jose at 63. palo alto. 60s and 70s in southern california. the high maxed out for many on monday for a few yesterday but today it's moving out. the fog starts to regroup that means a cooler pattern. thick fog. be careful visibility very low for a few. mostly sunny then higher clouds coming in. temperatures inland still on 90s or upper 80s. i think the sea breeze will kick up. 50s, 60s to 70 on the coast that were in the 90s two days
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ago. fog will continue to regroup. looks much cooler especially heading into sunday and monday. european stock markets are starting the day lower this morning. overnight japan's dropped 2% with australia, taiwan and hong kong also losing ground. many concerned about mix messages from the u.s. federal reserve. others are worried about the stability of the european economies after downgrading spain's credit rating. futures point to a lower opening. this is the last day of the quarter. but it's been a pretty good quarter overall. dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 dropping just slightly by the closing bell yesterday. nintendo shares fell after announcing the 3ds game won't be ready to go on sale by christmas. the system provides 3d technology without having to wear special glasses. it will now go on sale in japan in february and launch in the
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u.s. and europe a month later. video game companies consider the holiday season a critical time for sales. if you're starting this day needing a job, there's going to be a job fair today in oakland. takes place at the alameda county conference center on 12th street. doors open at 10:00 this morning. it wraps up at 4:00 this afternoon. merrill lynch, sears home repair, target, wells fargo, just some of the employers taking part. now if you're going to the job fair bring your resume and get a free critique by the employment experts. >> very nice. >> yeah. well, the price of safety. the new more expensive technology that may soon be required in homes and why some say it's a small price to pay. also keeping kids safe. the new safety rules that could keep student athletes sidelined for their own good. good morning. if you're driving in certain spots going to be a little foggy. we'll tell you more coming up.
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good morning. thick fog out there. telling you it's going to be cooler today for many. higher clouds later on. 60s, 70s, 80s and few mid-90s. congress has voted to establish strict new federal guidelines to make sure school sports are safer.
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they spell out several new safety rules when responding to a student athlete who has suffered a concussion or other serious head injury. those rules include several medical exams and longer waiting periods before an injured athlete is allowed to play again. our time now 5:27. fire officials want to swap out smoke detectors in as many homes as they can by requiring a new type of smoke alarm. if this happens they will become the second bay area city to enact such an ordinance. the palo alto fire department wants to make it mandatory for homes and remodels to become equipped with a new smoke detector. they say it can save lives. >> a photo electric alarm uses a small beam of light and looks for reflections off of visible smoke particles in the air. it's looking at smoke the way human beings look at smoke. can i see it?
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>> they cost more. about $15 compared to $10 for other alarms. the fire marshal says developers have been hesitant to install them because of the higher cost. the city council is expected to consider this proposal in november. a former child care worker is arrested after he was found in one bay area girl's bedroom. that story up next. also a new state law is designed to make sure using
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san joaquin.
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news thursday september 30th. i'm dave clark. >> gooncht i'm pam cook. time now 5:32. check in with steve on weather. thank you. we have low clouds and fog. thick fog out there. mostly clear inland. you can feel it's a little cooler. higher clouds up toward the santa clara valley. right now mostly clear inland. we'll go 60s, 70s by the coast. 70s around the bay. and then upper 80s to low and mid-90s inland. that brentwood should say 83 not 93. traffic doing well on 280 in the south bay. off to a nice start getting into the valley. also this morning looking at traffic on highway 4 nearby coming up to the northeast bay. that traffic is going to be okay. but there's a problem in vallejo on highway 37. it's blocking all the westbound
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lanes for that let's go to claudine wong who's live in vallejo. >> reporter: sal, we have some good news. they are just about to open at least one lane of traffic out here. you can see they just put out the flares along this area as they continue to try to pull this cable off the roadway so they can get 37 at 29 back open. they have all lanes shut downright now. they're diverting traffic on fairgrounds. pretty incredible stories out here. all this cable that you see was being hauled behind a truck on a trailer. chp tells me it just wasn't secured properly and it went spilling into the roadway around 3:45 this morning. four vehicles hit this cable before chp was able to shut down that road. and amazingly no one was hurt. we talked to a big rig driver whose truck was pretty torn up. right after him came another man who actually flipped over. we did talk to him. here's what he says happened. >> the big rigs lights were flashing. so i was looking ahead to see
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what was going on and little did i know i hit whatever it was. it was like a big block of wire. as soon as i hit it i flipped. >> reporter: you were wearing your seat belt? >> yeah. i was wearing my seat belt. i thought i was dead. >> reporter: he was walking around the scene earlier after being checked out by emergency medical officials and they cleared him to stay. he said he refused treatment. didn't want to go to the hospital. he was still shaking when i talked to him. he couldn't believe what happened. he was on his way to work. e-mailed pictures of the accident scene to his boss and been out here trying to regroup. his car he says is totaled. four vehicles hit this heavy cable when it spilled on to the freeway. they are about to open one lane of traffic through here. they want to get things going before this morning's commute gets underway. the problem has been the cable is so heavy they've had to literally cut it into smaller pieces. the company who's in charge of all of this is an engineering company that does major projects around the bay area including the bay bridge and doyle drive.
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they've been around for a long time. they're working frantically to get all this cleared off. i'm not sure how long it will take to get the entire roadway cleared up. we'll continue to check on that and get back to you on the morning news. live here in vallejo, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. close call for people this morning when their apartment complex went up in flames. some were asleep when the building on president drive caught fire. ktvu's kraig debro joins us with a look at the view of the damage. >> reporter: good morning. looks right now this was completely preventable. according to preliminary investigation discarded cigarette is a cause of this fire. the woman who neighbors say is responsible also lives in this fourplex located on president drive. >> there was four people in four different apartments and we all four got out. >> reporter: fire started on the back deck of a fourth floor apartment. fire department says debris from there fell to the ground and then started burning its way back up the building.
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eventually flames got into the attic area. firefighters were forced to dig out the flames through the roof causing a lot of damage there. now the amount of property damage and loss has yet to be determined. but the ranking firefighter on the scene says the person responsible will not be cited. >> probably not. it was not intentional. it was an accidental start. we'll just try to educate them on better ability and techniques as taking care of their cigarettes. >> reporter: firefighters say the 911 call came from an address a few blocks away but they followed the glow from the flames to the address. the building is no longer habitable. they will not require any assistance from any charity organizations. live kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:36. police want your help this morning. they're trying to track down a man who robbed two women at knife point at an atm. ktvu obtained surveillance
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photos of those attacks. jade hernandez joining us now with a look at what those pictures reveal. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. those surveillance pictures show just how this armed robber forced two women to give him their money. we spoke to a man this morning who says when he gets out of his car he looks around to make sure now one else is around before he walks into one of these atm vestibules. police want you to look at these pictures taken from two different armed robberies because they believe the same man robbed the women. one attack took place saturday august 28th around 6:40 in the morning. the robber had a knife and placed his arm around the victim's neck while demanding money. he then ran away in a direction the woman did not see. the second armed robbery took place earlier this month on thursday september 2nd. that attack and robbery happened after midnight. the robber knocked the victim to the ground and ran away. in this attack the woman did not see a weapon, but he again had wrapped his arm around the
5:38 am
neck and demanded money before he too ran away. >> every time i drive over here i always check my surroundings. so unless i see a car nearby i double check to make sure it's not somebody waiting for me to go to the bank and might stop me. >> reporter: both robberies took place here at this chase bank atm vestibule located at 1705 east capitol expressway. and we have to note that this is a very busy atm. in the time we've been here three people have already used it. it's in a shopping center and near a gym. and police say if you recognize the man in those surveillance pictures to call police immediately. live from san jose, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. danville police have confirmed to ktvu news that an imbusiness embezzlement investigation is underway. a trusted employee embezzled
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money. there are forged signatures, unauthorized credit card charges. it's unclear how much money is involved but police say their investigation will likely conclude in three or four weeks. a child care worker once employed by the city of san after ill has been arrested after he was found in the bedroom of a 12-year-old girl in tare a linda. the 20-year-old was booked on suspicion of lewd acts with a child. police say the girl's mother discovered the suspect lying next to the girl's bed about 3:00 yesterday morning and recognized him. he worked at the city operated child care center when the girl was there several years ago. time now 5:39. a federal police officer recovering this morning after accidentally shooting himself with his own gun. this happened at the gun club in castro valley yesterday. officials say a camp parks police officer was shot once in the leg when his gun accidentally went off during a training exercise. that officer was air lifted to the medical center with nonlife
5:40 am
threatening injuries. the cause of the can accident is being investigated. a student accused in a gang- related stabbing has been booked into juvenile hall. police say the attack happened tuesday afternoon in san after yell. the victim showed up at the hospital with wounds to his stomach. investigators say the suspect faces assault with a deadly weapon charge. san francisco has a long grappled about what to do with aggressive panhandlers. a plan is in the works to hold them more accountable. the chronicle is reporting that representatives from the police department, mayor's office and d.a. as well as the courts have now put together a series of proposals design today improve the situation. the plan targets the chronic lawbreakers requiring them to choose between jail time or accepting some type of treatment. time now 5:40. a 6-year-old girl wounded by gunfire in her east oakland
5:41 am
home could soon be released from the hospital. a stray bullet went into her arm and into her chest after police say two gunman fired shots on her family's home tuesday. family members believe the girl's older brother was the intended target. reward leading to an arrest in this case has grown now to $10,000. it has been the subject of heated debate for years. but the supervisor's chamber at san francisco city hall will soon be made accessible for wheelchairs. this week the board approved the design plan for a $450,000 ramp. city supervisor uses a wheelchair. she had threatened to sue if her fellow supervisors did not approve that ramp. a new law on the books design today protect the privacy of california drivers who use fast track. the governor has signed a bill prohibiting transportation agencies from selling or sharing a driver's personal information. those agencies will also have to purge information when it's
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no longer needed for billing or law enforcement purposes. all right. time now 5:41. let's see what's happening on the roads this morning. a major commute mess in vallejo. >> that's right dave and pam. 37 westbound just before highway 29 which is sonoma boulevard, there is a problem. we have a live picture of it. it's supposed to be up there on diablo. maybe we can see it there guys in the control room i think we have it there. i don't know if we're going to be able to go to it. i guess not. westbound bay bridge toll plaza is okay. so we did have the picture up. it's up on diablo in case anyone's hearing me there. no major problems westbound coming into san francisco. this is a live look here on westbound 37. so we've just got word unfortunately that this closure's going to be somewhat long-term because that cable is going to take them at least an hour maybe two to move it out of the way. so the left lane looks like
5:43 am
he's setting up new flares there. they're going to be out there for a while. we i found out from our reporter claudine wong. the second lane from the left -- i'm sorry the left lane is closed. number two lane is open. and one of the exit lane asks open as well here on 37 westbound right before sonoma boulevard. and this morning's commute is going to be okay after that. 5:42. let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you. very good morning to you all. cooler today even inland still have some 90s but out of the 100s. kind of a mixed bag today. low clouds and mostly sunny skies. then these clouds coming up from the south will begin to filter in. combination of the two will take the edge off some highs. by the coast they started to cool down yesterday. that trend will continue. coast and bay side. the fog is about 1,000 feet. starting to work its way around the napa airport. reports of mild visibility and fog 62. 60s and 70s with fog coast and bay. also fog around oakland. 80s and 90s inland. by that i mean higher clouds
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coming in. 54 san francisco. 58, a high of 67. more fog and more of a sea breeze by this afternoon. so fog cooler combination of sun, clouds low and high later on today. 52 santa rosa, napa. we're in the upper 60s to 70s. san jose 70 at this hour now 61. the cooler air is beginning to work its way in. 50s, 60s 70s to fresno. a lot of clouds. mostly sunny skies and 80s. you can starting to move north santa clara valley parts of the east bay in line for increasing clouds. also a lot of humidity into the mix. did you feel it yesterday? i did. muggy for us. thick fog then mostly sunny giving way to high clouds later on. it will be cooler for all. it will be. 80s today. some 90s in brentwood, oakly. antioch. pittsburgh. fairfield 90 but they have a southwest wind. 70s and 80s elsewhere and 60s
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and 70s on the coast. the low clouds will be winning out. the higher clouds will get pushed off by the weekend as a stronger system comes in. that will cool us down into the weekend. well, actor tony curtis has died. the son of a tailor who grew up to stars in movies including some like it hot died at his home last night. he was nominated for an academy award only once for his role in defiant ones. he was married five times and had six children including jamie lee curtis. >> he was one of the great ones. >> oh, yeah. time now 5:45. up next tell you about a tragedy on a college campus. the alleged invasion of privacy investigators say may have cost a student his life. and helping hand for college. some high school kids have a new place to go to help get their college plans together. good morning. little bit foggy in some areas. here we're looking at a live picture of san francisco. so far looks okay getting up to
5:46 am
the downtown area. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather straight ahead.
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good morning. we have thick fog out there. clear for some. but definitely more pronounced than yesterday. cooler today. 60s, 70s coast and bay side. high clouds. all right. steve, thank you. welcome back. good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 5:48. yet another person's been charged now with posing as a victim of the san bruno pipeline explosion to illegally get money and disaster aid. investigators say 41-year-old daniel falsely claimed he was a disaster victim in order to get
5:49 am
free gift cards and hotel accommodations. a mother in jail this morning accused of having sex with a minor. the 47-year-old made headlines three years ago when she was seriously injured by a drunk driver. and more than ten million fisher price tricycles, highchairs and toys are being recalled. the consumer product safety commission says children have been hurt by the tricycles and highchairs and the various toys recalled pose choking hazards. you can see the complete list of the recalled products on our channel 2 website at well, in new jersey police say a secret sex video apparently caused a rutgers university freshman to take his own life. he jumped off a bridge last week after he learned that a recording of him having sex with another man was broadcast online. his roommate and another classmate have been charged with privacy invasion. investigators say that they used a web cam to secretly
5:50 am
broadcast the encounter. if convicted both face up to five years in prison. a memorial service will be held tomorrow for a 13-year-old central california boy who took his own life after reportedly enduring gay taunts. he died on tuesday nine days after investigators say he hanged himself from a tree. police interviewed several student who is allegedly bullied the boy but concluded no crime was committed. time now 5:49. a bay area program to help teenagers get a college degree is now operating out of a brand new learning center. the new facility is inside the carpenter's union hall at oakland's jack london square. last night the nonprofit college track held its grand opening. you see it here. the program teaches students how to get accepted into a four year university. one young man says the after school workshops, tutoring and counseling helped him get off the streets.
5:51 am
>> this program helps with school problems and outside problems. like i said it was like a second family to me. >> this program recruits students from middle schools, from churches and other community organizations. it's funded by donations. it all started in east palo alto. it's also in san francisco and in new orleans. well, the head of california's planned high speed train says the project will go forward despite some challenges. the proposed bullet train would travel between san francisco and southern california in less than three hours but several communities on the peninsula are fighting it. voters have approved $10 billion in bonds but an additional $30 billion is still needed. time now 5:51. let's go right back to sal. there's a new crash in pleasanton. already a busy morning. >> that's right. it's blocking two lanes of the freeway with an overturned pickup truck westbound 580. this crash also involves an suv and someone inside that suv is reportedly trapped. shaping up to be a pretty
5:52 am
serious sounding crash on westbound 580. the traffic is quickly backing up if you're coming in let's say from livermore trying to get to pleasanton on your way to 680 it is going to be a slow one on your way to castro valley as well. give yourself plenty of time. also this morning we're looking at the commute on highway 37 westbound approaching highway 29 napa boulevard. so coming from marin and going to vallejo the left lane is closed. they have one lane getting through. a bunch of debris. it's actually metal wire that was actually spilled from a truck. they have to cut it up before they can get it out of there. that's why it's taking so long. we have a reporter on the scene, but this is going to be a problem. a lot of people hit this wire in the dark earlier this morning. it happened about 3:45. it's going to be here for a while. all right. at 5:52 let's go to the san mateo bridge. that traffic looks good. now here's steve. sal, thank you, sir. very good morning to you all. higher clouds will come in. some areas of fog around there. the fog is definitely more out
5:53 am
there than it was the last couple days. made it some areas inland that didn't see fog for about the last four or five days. 54 san francisco. go for a high of 67. then it will cool down later on. walnut creek target forecast 60, sunny, clouds coming in later this afternoon. show you those in just a second. 52 to 61. san jose 61. all these are about five or ten degrees cooler than they were a couple daysing a no doubt about it when we were in 60s to 70s. 80 las vegas. 81 palm springs. a lot of high clouds down there. there they are. little low off l.a. and san diego. actually more off san diego and santa barbara. it will send many bands of clouds later on. thick fog out there. otherwise it's clear. then we'll have sunshine for a while with increasing high clouds. 60s to 90s. upper 0s for some in the 80s
5:54 am
yesterday. concord. walnut creek. 70s now on the peninsula. fog still with us. starting to ramp up and cool everyone down especially by the weekend. all right. thank you, steve. just a few minutes ago the labor department reports good news about the job market. the number of people filing for first time unemployment benefits dropped to 450,000 last week. that's down 16,000 from the week before. on the news it now looks like a higher opening on wall street. j.p. morgan chase says it will suspends some foreclosure proceedings while it investigates those cases. a spokesperson says employees may have signed some affidavits that identify who holds the original mortgage note without personally verifying the files. the bank asked judges to hold off on judgments against the homeowners facing foreclosure until a review is complete. gmac mortgage took similar action last week. and the clor ox company based in oakland has changed its logo. it updates clor ox's diamond design and uses a brighter shade of blue with the new
5:55 am
accent of green. this is the most dramatic change in the company's visual identity in 53 years. the company says the logo reflects its heritage while distinguishing the rporate identity from its flag ship bleach brand. time now 5:54. a bay area report card. but was is it a good one? the report on bay area beaches whether they're clean and safe. plus packing up with some place to go. we'll tell you why tomorrow will not be a day of rest for millions of americans.
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
a new report card at beaches show better water quality at beaches around the state but five in northern california get bad grades. singled out baker beach in san francisco and lobos creek, aquatic park and lake shore in san mateo county. and in santa cruz county dowel beach and capitol a beach. test water for bacteria levels between memorial day and labor day. we post a full report on the beaches statewide at just click on the web links. you may see more than the usual number of moving vans and u hauls on the roads tomorrow. that's because october 1st is the biggest moving day of the year. that's according to the
5:59 am
national apartment association. this year it's expected to be even busier than usual because so many people are looking for ways to cut costs due to the economy. >> well, we'll bring you the very latest. we have a highway nightmare in vallejo. we'll show you where a major roadway was shut down. cars smashed into steel cables on the roads. plus an early morning house fire in the east bay why firefighters say this was preventable.


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